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Studying for a multiple choice exam often leads to using sample multiple choice tests to prepare for the exam. In many cases this involves purchasing exam review software which can be expensive. The alternative is usually to use common word processing software to create your own multiple choice tests, printing them out and repeating them over and over. It would certainly be more convenient if there was a program to present the multiple choice test in a random order and keep track of the success rate.

MCTester provides that tool. It is a quickly developed program that is simple in design and use. Test files are prepared usign any text editor and then tests can be reviewed repetedly in random order without wasting paper.

So why use MCTester instead of all of the others out there? Lets just say the MCTester is free for personal use, it is simple, and did I mention it is free for personal use.

MCTester provides the following primary features:
  • Easy to edit test files.
  • Inclusion of formatting commands (simple HTML).
  • Load single or multiple test files.
  • Random presentation of test questions.
  • Ability to skip questions and return later.
  • Track number answered, #/% correct, #/% missed.
  • Show explanation for each question.

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